Tips for walking the Wales Coast Path

We are really enjoying walking the Wales Coast path.  We want to share with you our tips for walking the Wales Coast Path.  The biggest tip we can give is that the key to enjoying your walk is good planning.  The main things that we have to plan when we are doing our walk are:

  • Where will we walk from/to?  In Region A we were able to plan some walks between train station which means you can leave you car at a train station car park and 
  • How will we get back to our car?  The most enjoyable way to get back to the car has been by train.  You get to live your life in reverse very quickly.
  • If we have to stay overnight where?  We use to pick our hotels but there are some good pubs with rooms that do not advertise on booking.
  • Where can we get something to eat? Wales has a lot to offer, from good old fish and chips to good cafes, good pubs and some excellent restaurants.

This is our guide book

This is an excellent guide book to help plan your walks and to take with you. It is not much bigger than pocket size so easily fits into your rucksack.

The government website

This is an excellent website which provides distance tabels and free maps.

There are some useful train lines along the Wales Coast Path, especially in Region A.

We have not taken any buses yet but we have checked the timetables on the internet.  You must pay attention to the days you are walking as the bus services are often reduced at the weekends and on bank holidays.

We have used Taxis several times when walking the Wales Coast Path. we have paid from £16 to £24 to take us back to where we parked our car.

We normally use to help us find and choose our hotels when doing the Wales Coast Walk ….. BUT we have discovered that there are several pubs with rooms that do not advertise on so it pays to widen your internet research.