Talacre to Rhyl

As a birthday present for Laura, Kevin and Emily agreed to walk part of the Wales Coast Path with us.  We planned an easy walk – the stretch from Talacre to Rhyl.  Emily brought her boyfriend Chris along with her.

Kevin, Emily and Chris
Kevin, Emily and Chris

Start point

We drove to Talacre and headed towards the beach.  We left the Fiat Multipla in the car park of the Lighthouse Inn, paying £4 for the day.  The Wales Coast Path goes along the shore here.  You walk past the real lighthouse on the sands.  It is not always easy to walk on the soft sand and the trick is to find the level of softness or hardness which works for you.

The Gronant Dunes are a haven for wildlife and we saw lots of different types of birds – if only we were capable of identifying them 🙂  The walk through the dunes is surprising – you can hear the waves breaking on the shore but you cannot see them.  There are lots of different bird songs and if you go in the morning or the evening you might even hear the predator toads.

About two-thirds of the way through the walk you get to Prestatyn.  There is the chance to have an ice-cream or something else here but we didn’t stop.  There are some very beautiful painted houses on the front.

It is a long walk into Rhyl along the sea wall.  You can see the radio mast in the centre of the promenade from a long way but it never seems to get any closer.  There is a lot of work going on to update some of the buildings at the beginning of the prom.  Let’s hope the work is finished soon.

At this point Emily decided that she had had enough!  She was probably hot, tired and hungry – and regretting that she had ever agreed to come with us.  She found a bench, sat down and refused to go any further!  It took an awful lot of persuasion to finally get her to finish the walk.

End point.

Rhyl as a town is a bit of a let down.  We had hoped to find somewhere nice to eat but could not find anything that caught our attention.  Yes, there are the usual chains, Mcdonalds, Subway, Dominos etc but we saw no nice restaurants, pubs or hotels.  This did not help Emily’s mood at all.We walked to the train station and ended up getting a taxi back to Talacre for £16 to pick up the car and grab a basic fish and chips.

Lesson learnt – in the future we will always research where we are going to eat before we leave!

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