Stages of the Wales Coast Path walk

We haven’t got the time (or the energy) to do the Wales Coast Path walk in one go ūüôā so we have to walk it in stages. ¬†This works out quite well for us as it gives us the chance to plan dozens of days and weekends away over the next couple of years …. and each stage is the chance to have some friends walking with us.

Walking with friends is a great way to spend time together.  There are few distractions and no loud music which gives you hours and hours to talk together or just simply be together as you walk. So choose which stages of the Wales Coast Path you want to walk and let us know.

This is how much we have done of the total walk

This is how much we have done so far : 350 miles or 560 kilometres
Walked 560 km 40%

As the stages of the Wales Coast Path we want to walk get further from home the more likely it is we will spend one or two nights away.  There are some good little hotels and bed and breakfasts out there as well as some very good restaurants.  Forward planning for each stage of the Wales Coast Path is the secret to maximising the enjoyment.

This is how much we have done by region

Region A - North Wales Coast & Dee Estuary - 110 km
Done 100%
Region B - Isle of Anglesey - 212 km
Done 100%
Region C - Menai, LlŇ∑n & Meirionnydd - 289 km
walked 238 km 82%
Region D - Ceredigion - 115 km
Web Designer 0%
Region E - Pembrokeshire - 290 km
Web Designer 0%
Region F - Carmarthenshire - 109 km
Web Designer 0%
Region G - Gower & Swansea Bay - 115 km
Web Designer 0%
Region H - South Wales Coast & Severn Estuary - 156 km
Web Designer 0%

Come and join us

OK – we are now so far away that the best idea would be for us to do overnighters – walking for two days so that we get the benefit from the travel time.¬† We will also take it slightly easier and try to avoid days that are too strenuous.¬† This doesn’t mean that our friends have to overnight with us¬† – brave walkers can try to do it in a day!

Below I have put what we are planning to do.  Nothing is written in stone and the dates are very flexible.  Get your walking boots on!

Date proposed





September 2022

Barmouth to Tonfannau

22 km or 14 miles.

Embankments and field paths

1 day – 6.5 hours

October 2022

Tonfannau to Penal

23 km or 14.5 miles.

Sandy beach and  low hills

1 days – 9 hours

October 2022

Penal to Machynlleth

6 km or 3.5 miles.


1 days – 3 hours

November 2022

Machynlleth to Borth

24 km or 14.5 miles.

Farmland, marshland coast.

1 days – 7 hours

November 2022

Borth to Aberystwyth

10 km or 6 miles.


1 days – 3 hours