Traeddur Bay to RAF Valley

A long walk, 13.5 miles but not difficult.

This was a two car day out which makes things a lot easier.  We left the first car at what was to be the end of the walk, a small car park by the beach at RAF Valley.  Plenty of room here.  We then drove to Treaddur Bay for the start of the walk.  Here there are at least 3 public car parks – we paid £ 4.50 for the full day.  We don’t see the point of skimping or parking for free somewhere which then causes problems for other people.


Saint Gwynfaen's Well

Saint Gwynfaen's Well

The remains of a well house, probably medieval,  known as St Gwenfaen’s Well.

The well house was a massive drystone structure.  The chamber has a paved floor and diagonal slab seats at the angles. Steps lead down from the chamber into the bath, which is roughly 1.2m long and 0.6m wide, with deep recessed seats on either side.

There is a larger rectangular pool in the cleft outside the west wall of the well house. It is about 1.5m across and its waters, held back by a stone slab, are at the same level as those of the bath within. The sides of the cleft are ramped here to allow access. The water flows out through a small hole in the slab into a 4.6m long paved channel, eventually finding a small pool some 35m west of the well house, above Porth Gwalch

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