Sea Zoo to Beaumaris

This was to be our final walk of 2017 and it gave us the chance to complete the bottom half of Anglesey.

There were just the two of us.  We drove to Beaumaris and parked in the car park by the sea front.  Then we called a taxi and were driven to the Sea Zoo.  The taxi was not cheap, about £ 25 but it was Sunday morning and we had no other choice.  The driver was shocked to discover that we were going to walk back to Beaumaris from the Sea Zoo.

The weather was very good and we set off at a decent pace.  After following the coast for a short while the path goes inland and through fields.  It then turns left and goes uphill.  The aim is t take you to Bryn Celli Dhu, a wonderful prehistoric henge monument.  One of my favourites.

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