A killer pheasant

Flint to Talacre

Flint to Talacre has been our longest walk so far.  We drove to Flint and parked just after the town centre, where we had finished our very first walk along a small stretch of the Wales Coast Path.  This part of the walk is beautiful, from Flint walking down the Dee estuary.  The views across to the Wirral are fantastic and the mixing waters of the River Dee and the Irish Sea swirl and dash against each other creating shapes which can keep you mesmerised for ages.

The worst part of the Flint to Talacre stretch of the Wales Coast Path is when you have to leave the coast and walk along the road to go around the port of Mostyn.  This is tiring and you get no views of the sea for ages.  Thank heavens that the road has very little traffic on it or it would really ruin your day.

We thought that we would have finished our walk at Ffynnongroyw but we got there early, about one o’clock and decided to have our lunch.  We now had to take a decision – get a taxi back to the car or continue on to Talacre.  The weather was fine and we opted to extend our march – Talacre it would have to be.

The path takes you through the centre of the village.  What was once about 4 pubs and 5 or 6 churches – remnants of when the area had a booming mine.

The killer pheasant

Coming out of the village we crossed a busy road and headed towards the coast again.  We were walking down a leafy path when a colourful bird ran across not too far in front of us.  “Look. A pheasant!” said Tim.  “It was a duck” replied Laura and carried on walking.  A few moments later the pheasant came back onto the track.  Laura lifted her camera and took some photos.  Then she realised she didn’t like the way the pheasant was looking at her.  “You can walk in front now,” she said.  Tim moved up to pole position and the killer pheasant flew away.

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