Benllech to City Dulas

Our first walk in Anglesey.  It was a bit of a rush as Tim arrived in Manchester airport at 13:00 on the Saturday.  Laura met him at the airport and we drove to Anglesey.  The weather was fine and the roads were not busy.  We met our friends Thomas and Bettina in Benllech and did some emergency shopping – wine and crab!  We  were going to have a good dinner before we walked from Benllech to City Dulas.

The Saturday afternoon and evening we spent walking along the beach towards Red Wharf Bay.  We saw a dead shark and lots of sea gooseberries – strange things! Fish and chip suppers were added to the wine and crab so we had a feast to prepare us for the next day.

Benllech to City Dulas

In the morning Thomas and Tim drove from Benllech to City Dulas with 2 cars and left Tim’s car in at the Pilot Boat pub in City Dulas.  Then Thomas drove them both back to Benllech.  Thomas had to go and help out on a scout camp so he drove away and Tim, Laura and Bettina set off to walk some of the Wales Coast Path.

The walk from Benllech to City Dulas started on the edge of the caravan park.  The path is exceptionally well made and maintained.  Traeth Bychan


Just off the beach of Moelfre there is a little rocky island called Moelfre Island.  This is a haven for seabirds.  We saw dozens of them, gulls and cormorants, nesting and feeding.  Looking at Moelfre Island through our binoculars we saw what looked like a big penguin.  Whatever could it be?  We took a photo and looked it up later. A Guillemot.  Well I never!  You live and learn.  There is a big bird looking like a penguin happily living in wales.

Moelfre is also home of the Moelfre Lifeboat.  This is a beautiful piece of technology which protects the brave sailors who go out to save anyone in peril at sea.  You can visit the lifeboat see it, touch it and watch interactive displays about its history and use.

On our way to Traeth Llugwy we came across a man walking a rabbit as if it were a dog.  Traeth Llugwy is a very big beach.

City Dulas

This stretch of the Wales Coast Path or Anglesey Coastal Path finished at the The Pilot Boat pub in City Dulas for us. To get there the Path leaves the coast for a while and wanders uphill through fields home to gorse bushes, sheep, and pheasants.  At one point we found no more signs so if you ever get lost just stick to the fence on the left-hand side of the field and you will be fine.  When you reach the highest point of the field you can look down across the field in front of you and see the Pilot Boat pub.

The Pilot Boat

Unfortunately a neighbouring farmer had just sprayed manure on his fields and the air was so thick you could almost chew it.  There was no way we were going to have a drink with that smell in the air so we went into the pub and treated ourselves to a nice cold drink after our long and enjoyable walk.



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